Published June 7, 2020 • Buy for $1.99

Virtual Conferencing Declaration

This e-guide is a declaration to help you clear as well as declare what you consent to and don’t consent too on the energetic plane.
Veena Saraswati
Published March 14, 2019 • Buy for $27.99

Fortifying Out / Work: Pathways

Embracing Individuality

Declaration to be valued for your offerings, insight skills, gift, tools or techniques amongst the history of those before you or the ocean of others doing similar or work or claiming to do the same work.
Veena Saraswati
Published March 14, 2019 • Buy for $7.99

Fortifying Out / Work - Presenting

Veena Saraswati
Published April 21, 2018 • Buy for $17.99

Weight Loss Declaration

This energetically supported guide is to help you have that talk with all aspects of our body and how you and your body are wanting to relate to the world surrounding you.
Veena Saraswati
Published February 17, 2017 • Buy for $46.99

Energetic Self Care Tools

Fortify from the Outside, In to the Inside, Out

This is a grouping of several highly valuable yet simple tools to help you find the center of your life. Often we are pulled in too many directions and we want to be in harmony and flow with our community, yet centered in our knowing.
Veena Saraswati
Published February 17, 2017 • Buy for $9.99

Energetic Reset

Feeling your solo self and calling in support

When overwhelmed by others, this gives you a tool to center yourself again and find where you are in relation to others and your connections to places and things as well.
Veena Saraswati
Published February 17, 2017 • Buy for $15.99

Fortifying Against Auditory Venom

There are times we are around those we love, care for or work with that are just full of spit and vinegar. This is a guide to support you in transforming those energies so they do not overwhelm or stick in your system.
Veena Saraswati
Published February 17, 2017 • Buy for $10.99

Caring for the Inner Child

A guide to support you in taking a journey with an active and self nurturing approach into those unresolved places from your youth.
Veena Saraswati
Published February 16, 2017 • Buy for $15.99

Forgiveness Ritual

Often we ask for forgiveness but can not receive it. This guide helps forgiveness on many levels to support self healing, integration and a ripple effect of healing through your communities over lifetimes.
Veena Saraswati